The Balancing Barn, Suffolk | England

© Living Architecture

I love this modern barn which appears to balance on the hill – complete with a swing underneath! Not least as it’s the work of the fantastic Rotterdam-based MVRDV Architects who created it for Living Architecture, a non-profit holiday home rental initiative by philosopher Alain de Botton. Through living architecture, you can rent holiday homes in modern architecture in England. Other gems include the stunning Shingle House on Dungeness beach in Kent (by NORD) and The Long House in Norfolk (by Sir Michael and Lady Patty Hopkins). Forthcoming is a ‘folly’ in Essex (by FAT and artist Grayson Perry). Info and bookings via

2 thoughts on “The Balancing Barn, Suffolk | England

  1. Fantastic design and build. The interior is even more grand than the exterior. It has a long corridor from the kitchen to the living room which really provides a feeling of space and continuity throughout the home. A few images of this would be amazing. The exterior was made out of the reflective material in order to reflect the changing seasons and make the build feel a part of, and in tune with, nature.

    Architects in Suffolk


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